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Valeria’s Referred Membership program

Participants that you refer to Valeria’s program receive a 10% discount from their monthly membership fee with their Referred Membership, while still getting access to all of the Yoga video content and / or Ayurveda articles. AND YOU for every Referred Membership participant that becomes a paying member of Valeria’s programme, you will receive 20% of the participants net membership fee each month. Referred earnings are recurring as long as the participant’s membership plan remains active 

UNIQUE REFERRED CODE – as part of the Referred Membership Team you will have your own unique REFERRED CODE for you to give to your friends / followers / contacts, which your participant members would use to sign in online with when they purchase their monthly online membership Yoga only or Yoga & Ayurveda (at the 10% discounted rate) – for example you might be SaraCYOGA2022 which will allow the tracking and reporting to you the number of referred users and then make monthly payments to you. 

in offering SELF-CARE and WELLNESS to your friends and contacts
toward great sleep, all-round fitness, weight loss, stress relief, inner peace, improved immunity,
living with greater awareness, better relationships, increased energy, better flexibility & posture, better intuition
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