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1. What is a Referred Membership?

Valeria’s referred membership program is an opportunity for you to earn cash by referring VALERIA’S ONLINE YOGA & AYURVEDA to your audience. It’s a small way for us to thank you for your efforts in bringing more users to Valeria!

Your friends / contacts that you refer to Valeria receive a 10% discount from their monthly membership fee with your unique Referred Membership code AND YOU for every Referred Membership participant,  you will receive 20% of the participants net membership fee each month. Referred earnings are recurring as long as the participant’s membership plan remains active 

so when anyone signs up  using your Unique Referred Membership code , you get 20% of all payments they make to Valeria for their membership in the first and all subsequent months.

2. How does it work?

Share your unique REFERRAL MEMBERSHIP CODE with your audience – They subscribe using your REFERRAL CODE  ( and receive their 10% discount)  – We pay you your 20% referral fee each month! 

It’s that simple! 

3. How many friends can you refer to Valeria?

There’s no limit on the number of friends you can refer to Valeria! That means unlimited monthly earnings. 

4. How do I join Valeria’s REFERRED MEMBERSHIP  Program?

Use this BUTTON BELOW to send us a message and we will send you back your Unique REFERRED MEMBERSHIP CODE 


5. Will this apply to every referral I get?

Yes! Every user who signs up to Valeria’s membership using your Unique REFERRED MEMBERSHIP tracking CODE is considered your referral. As soon as they become a paying member , you start earning a part of their   membership fee not only for the first year but all years of their membership.

6. What happens when a user you refer, signs up for our membership monthly plan?

You get 20% of their monthly membership fee as outline below for the life of the membership – each month you will receive a report showing the members that are active under your Unique REFERRED MEMBERSHIP Code and you will receive a bank transfer to the bank account you designate.

EXAMPLE:  Referred Membership earnings calculation as an example for YOGA ONLY




REFFERED MEMBER price YOGA @ 10 Euros LESS 10% reward to them for using your Unique REFERRED CODE per  month



YOU Per month for 1 referred member YOGA only  for Referred Members using YOUR UNIQUE REFERRED CODE per  month



YOU for 50 referred members YOGA only



YOU for 100 referred members YOGA only



YOU for 500 referred members



7. Do I need to be an existing user to join Valeria’s REFERRED MEMBERSHIP Program?

No. You don’t need to be a Yoga-AyurvedaWithValeria user to join the program. BUT WE WOULD CERTAINLY LIKE YOU TO BE as we think you could benefit from it ( you can even pay yourself by using  your code for yourself )  Just follow the step Point 4  mentioned earlier to join and get your unique REFERRED MEMBERSHIP Code link.

8. Will I be paid every time my referred friend makes a payment?

Yes, you get 20% every single time your friend makes a payment during the first year and subsequent years of your friend’s membership.

9. How can I transfer my referral earnings back to my account?

Each month we will send you a report of YOUR REFERRED MEMBERSHIP members followed by a bank transfer to your account that you will designate to us. We currently us REVOLUT to payout your earnings.

10. Is there a minimum amount I have to earn before I can receive payment?

NO, there is no minimum required for you to receive your referral earnings each month

11. I have other questions!

Reach out to us thru this link below with all your queries 🙂

#DoingThings is more fun with friends.

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